Sep 10, 2015


1) Never leave a job without attempting to improve that job before leaving. Do this for the sake of those who remain or replace you.

2) Set personal lifetime expectations unattainably high. Work and do not work as appropriate. Self-serving happiness not the goal: Good work is.

3) Be good to the sentient, both short and long-term. Do not confuse 'good' with 'no direct or immediately undeniable harm done', nor mistake 'bad' with 'no direct or immediately undeniable good done'. Love as best you can.

4) Lie rarely. The truth may be dangerous and put sentience in harm's way.

5) Find good ideas, actualizations of which better the world. This is best done in solitude. That being said: Do not be so morally elitist as to be inhumanely deficient with friendships. People are working thru (and often lifetimes of) shit, and being other than constantly 'best' does not make one less worthy of love or respect (or you too good for them) as a person. Room for improvement (failure to achieve ideal) neither sin nor crime. No one's sole (or ultimately defining) purpose to make you vacuously feel good about yourself. Again, being (seen as) great not the goal: Doing good work is.

6) Do what you can best do (yourself). Give props where due. Accept (and ask for) propping as needed. Do not work to be discovered by record labels or publishers; or bosses, money-people or the internet: Work to do good work.

7) Rational awareness the other goal (freedom an (obvious) intrinsic given (liberty (not so obviously) not)).