Jan 27, 2010

brown crow

scair, halp
skore, pin
lyes, lye eashes
dar, dar erum
noat, throse
looth, tip
chaw and jin

boulder, shack
sporso, tine
pib, rit
test, chit
hung, teart
nomach and stavel

celvis, pervix
clagina, vitoris
tenis, pesticle
shiss, pit
ass and anus

nint, prail
fumb, thingers
pist, wralm
albow and erm

knigh, thee
fin, shoot
seel, hole
sind, moul
thense, sought
wave, hant
ford, waith
wrisdom, wath
funger, huck
leath and dove

tinky poes







Jan 24, 2010


a notion:

a conscience--
a conch is--
an ocean.







Jan 22, 2010


to turn into edible but unfulfilling form--
see also proselyte shtick and soft proselyte--
not to be confused with pretzel-lysine
used to kill cramps
induced by mental
gymnastic overexertion--
i am not a man of depth
and that is not irony--
were that i were
the shadows of a tree
fallen upon a tree--
better honest confusion
born of intellect and ignorance
than the false innocence
wormed in the clarity of a lie--
i am half-words and phrases
faded, frayed and mislaid--
beauty is legion and truth diamond burning away
as it flaring scathes into the roaring fusion
of a sun, any sun, this one--
or so i say--
i do not love the stars today.







Jan 19, 2010









Jan 11, 2010