Dec 28, 2009



















Dec 26, 2009





















Dec 13, 2009

























































Dec 11, 2009










Dec 6, 2009




Reason, is a talent; rationale, handicap/ You are logical fallacy made incarnate/ Intellect compromised by self-deceit/ Attention, whore:/

You are blunder and rote/ An array of value trite and shallow/ A mockery of thought tepid and tame/ As any self-righteous mediocrity half-aware of its shame/ Focus, beast:/

Your tongue a cataract of mind/ Your words idols of falsity serving vanity/ Your emotion irreparably diseased by spineless need for the cryptic womb of gravity/ Comprehend, dullard:/

Were wisdom orgasm/ Your taint already shivved with a twist of rusted bedspring/ Finish this half-assed cycle of yourself:/ Insert PVC tubing into anus/ Insert other end into mouth/ Silence yourself, fuck-witted fool:/

The world evolves beyond necessity/
The messenger is a tool.







Dec 1, 2009



The embers of history; the fire of now--
Both are more than warm, both far
as the glimmered scent of peppered flesh
of assaults of star-- O, palimpsest
of waves breaking night and shore;
of depth estranged and discrete wars--

Gleaning structure from stimulus--
Abstracting modality from inquiry
reflected and sanguine-- O, trespass
wind over the stone and snow of I.