Sep 30, 2008



shoot dog kick cat
skin horse drown rat
stake pig fry gnat
chew wasp bat bat

beg sea suck sky
hold wall pill night
heat stone hone knife
numb mind love light










stars are teeth
the universe









the whine quavers as it ascends--
not white, but pure as it is without what usually passes
for the true blue abuse of signal--
the parlance of price and you already know this shit, man
so crash without losing your mind--
and it's louder than the voice that asks if you want another
coffee valium child grave memory--
but you're not paid to think and you're not paid to feel
or to know or to care or to trust--
you're a slave of predestination and circumstance
same as rope, as needle, as petal--
same as math.









Sep 29, 2008


vestigal's a lovely word
as far as words go
not that any word is lovely
without a lovely tone

impregnable attenuation's
a lovelier charm
than the loving admonition
to fuck your cellar door

synthetic melancholia's
duotonic asperity's
an inimitable pungency
both expiry and mot

elocution's a word as lovely
as heart is not
nor soul nor mind are
tho honed to wroth

telemetric alleluia
alleluia alleles










vanilla's the salmonella of the mind, fucker.










gojira's tongue--
pink mercury
itself a thermometer of joy









Sep 28, 2008



Verbs noun adjectives.
            Nouns adjective verbs.
                        Adjectives verb nouns.

  Adverbs adverb adverbs.









layers of trumpets call the hounds; the number readers
close themselves to snowfall and summit; she swims
with the horizon; let us see if she drowns--

posit: everything is holy; therefore, equal; therefore,
meaningless; therefore, allowed; therefore, more
matter of taste desultory at its level of ignorance--

posit: creativity requires more than juxtaposition
of prelearned symbol; more than the dishonest tripe
of sentiment blindly echoed; more than an idiot's
recognition of attempt; more than morosophistry--

posit: whatever kills you, is truth; what poisons,
names itself as enemy of self; what sings of rapture,
best pierce thy cold fish heart as talon of raptor--
o, numberless; we with her, drown; o, trumpets call.









Sep 27, 2008



infantile cocksucker
banal as a mental wetfart in a library
you fail the soul's eighth grade









here we are, mother-- carving ducks for the gallery
of finesse and flame-- the mighty insect bruzz
whelming in sonic ozone-- mother, tether

and i must say, mother-- the richest dishes
are but misuses of the smallest pills-- my hands
but gnarled oak impassioned-- mother, river

mother!-- i see your stiletto in the camouflage
of plume and genocide-- for you, no arrow
whispers struck-- no accurate reassembly
of memory prerequisite, nor meal-- mother, murder

mother!-- these are my nails in your eyes
and they do not worsen your sight-- fears of rats
gnawing open their own bellies, are rats-- the oracle
is a sneer, and lo!-- the future, snarling










with tongues as fine as eyes, / i beseech-- rather we--
as i am i in fervent multi- / (com/sim/du/im) -plicity

you stay, to let braid / cilia -> scale -> scalea--
to let sun & entropy / warm , worm ? wear us as

we wear +(we are both)-- / thought stem-spine carnal
in the canal of your (p/r/f)

-ear|ache-- twine micro- / cardia & lozenge the data-
plex of heart-mind light-->










ah, bach! i mean, mozart-- ah!
the perfect singing i do not understand!
keys upon keys! lyric within lyric!
sensible nonsense! ubiquitous non sequitur!

o, christina carter! i mean, kubisch-- o!
the songs of machines i do not know!
partial constructions! mimesis in toto!
crickets in the gut of swine! open throats!

irem of pillars! a red sickle moon!
klimek! sand! voices of n. american owls!
sleep! a ballet of hands! bell orchestra!

recording a tunnel! jeff greinke!
the corner! mada fronta! dither remix!
with throats as fine as needles!










soporific benign atrocity
; medina; dresden
; nagasaki; antietam                   white-backed
; vietnam                                     vultures
      [ imprimatur
      [ nihil obstat









Sep 26, 2008



arctic winds graze over cavities in cliff walls
which will fill with water that will freeze and wedge
as pocket-threads of axeheads without handles
all of wind an ocean an arm a searching after calm
and the dirt in the river grows richer as it flows










to return to drawing now is to go mad
i have no visions and dawn in its darkness too brilliant
to go mad now i may as well return to drawing
words as braille made of light sightless fingers do not catch
define and delineate fields more scent than window
tho any window is both open and closed
and i am mad as a maggot in a hot dumpster
calm as a crack in the sky









were that i were
that i were
evil distilled to its essence
and that essence incarnate
sentient and wise or were i goodness
partially assembled or half-grown
a bounty of fruit maturing with season
but i am fire with precious fuel
and i do not burn the bridge of nothing
that between us informs us as we are born










cool hooves
follow a sandhill crane
upon the sinister bank
of the dark-mudded fox
to a bridge of swallows
with mudlark nest

led and lost
to mulberries










i wish
i wish
i wish for you










soylent green is purple--
silent greed is purple--









i have the secret of immortality:
i am the dross of time,
a cloth of clothos as chthonic dress;
the secret is this--

beauty abhorred is remembered
in the seamless current of days.
you doubt me?
mark yourself with stars--

gravity is eternal--
did you suspect?
here is an orange for your trouble.

just look, just look--
name us each by place and time--
the word is a mortal knife.









Sep 25, 2008



fur seals
fur seals

fur seals-- elicitly.










shawn lee's pingpong orchestra










i hope you've your raise by now--
corn chips oyster crackers
cream of wheat










o elegant
lines confuse to astound
break and
break and break










make this one work--
make this one pay--
make make--










field recordings

of workshops
rocks porkchops










neon dark

eyes erratic
flight diet











the antecedent
must not reset










             dried worms       die to feed ants
cording to that worm       just passed










the mind flags
reptilian in the sun
of knowledge









Sep 24, 2008



what words i have are nothing
i dream you still and what i dream is forgotten

the snow hisses as it hits everything










empty belly
quichely cliched, and dogged--
bone roll home










god is but threshold
wherever our focus dwells










my pattern is white-blue











what's the harshest sound
you can listen to

as music?










the cutting slash
that does not cut does not cut
the cutting slash does not
the cutting










oak maple sumac / sycamore ash
    birch fir pear / box elder
         dog elm










there is snow on the far mountains--
they suck the snow from the cloud--
cloud and mountain invisible now--










plays intuitively-- slow--
stares until thought--

no talent--
some genius--










i'm always cranky--
crank me, crank me, i say--

i crank myself up.










What is wisdom if it's not eternal?
What is wisdom if it is?

What is, what is?










tell me it's not poetry,
it's not--

o, how it is not.










happy birthday
just do it
the real thing










                   name his parts- -milton
make him talk/talk with him- -goethe
                             kill him- -eliot










she ties her shoes together
then takes them off










Frog Artist

the ones that last become more distinct
ones that don't are all the same










à la
glissade-- beaded rain










heart of










there is no worse

no better

no harmonic
to any universe









Sep 23, 2008



no quicker than any
red-shifted blue-bright
littoral light










the tame want power
  &the tame want power
      &strength of the lame










pattern diagram
kinetic metonymy
irony failure










who was the greatest philosopher-artist
to mirage & tease

meaning & dream? today won't say.










this is every argument
all rolled into one argument
that goes on forever










never ask
an easy question

at a liar's convention
even if it is genius

it is not










i love you
i love you
i love you

i do
i do
i do










you'll judge the same as i do.
know why?

to be just.











down the chimney










where forest and meadow










i've no idea how you teach,
so i can't really prove that i know anything

nor is that how i learn.






















children hell
dogs as well










an elevator
va. recordings of crickets










two audio books--
william gibson's pattern recognition; left mono

john cage's art is either a complaint or do something else; right mono









Sep 22, 2008


brautigan sucked
donkey-ass all day

hunter s. thompson sucked cock

invented the nine-clitted kitty

this is all true inversed










hemingway; brautigan; hst--
how much it hurt

for it all to have been untrue










bugs that sound like machines
noisome with grace

one caw of one crow










the emptiest
to let us in
to empty










Disheveled cardinals

Owls wait.










the higher up the mountain
the fewer the places

you have to go





















i i
i understand











a cup










if evil
were spider repellant

we'd have more mosquitoes
more flies










do vultures taste ugly

and wise?










you want cynicism, be cynical
you want hope, here is hope

may you also be rewarded twofold










the uncertainty of fault lines
where there is no fault

as certain as plastic as protean










the best shit i ever read
was a tea within the bowl
of its thesis










that we tame
ourselves again









here is light
light you say
i don't want no light

dark i say
we are dark
what we need is night

with or

with or











what do i know
any differently than an amoeba
that death can't catch?

things stranger than death










with global warming, you help us replant the desert










we care about the mines
and the mist
from dust

of sun a brush
to dust

to cavern again










what we
can do--










of the spirit--

to piss upon trees










stone fences
wall and chimney










glove on the porch--

both my hands are cold

burning leaves









Sep 21, 2008


When Death comes
you say Yes
you say Yes

You are worthy
to be an opponent
of Death's









unable to be freely good
by the least amount of will alone
i kill myself









half a people were willfully evil
half a people were dumb

who was right, who was wrong
we punish those who do not punish themselves

and we earn our sole reward
interest upon a loan










my pretty words are all i have--
they are all i can afford
if only silence were golden--
but i am poor, i am poor










water rises
sun spills
moon bird











the cat and the music
both make you twitch once in a-

while. and then you're swimming again.









some believe (as
is their right)
the ocean is (the closest
construct of (un)infinity
one can tongue) and
defined by what is (not) ocean
plus or minus a drop--

they're probably right--
here is my cup.










Odds are, you will not lead a good life--
this will sadden those who do

and also sadden you.









weiner dog holocaust--

i like my dogs bred true to wolves.
they ain't that.
let's fuck ourselves up a midget.
jewish weiner dogs-- to cut or to uncut?
i'd stuff a weiner dog, and then put him inside a balloon.
that's about it.
race them off a cliff.
no limit to the number of contestants.
everybody wins.










If I were here for the people,
I never would've signed on--
The food is inorganic and the air recycles
ad nauseum--

The thump of a cat
can only make you go God damn it, God damn--
The farm is what we leave behind
and the garden itself a child's pet--

What is noise and what is not is what
no one need ask but wants--
The periphery pulms
as the center Solomonises--

descantily clad of course required--










yes i do--

some are very beautiful
some are terribly ugly
day to day, some change
right before your eyes
change, right before you
change, and some ever
do neither ever
at all










spheres of empty
useless without throat
or spine

to hold them up
to slice
sun and moon









success is when everyone on earth gives you a dollar--
sometimes four or five (if only to take it all away, but--
no more than they gave)--

failure's just the opposite, by half--

and breaking even, shameless--
for whatever that's worth--

rest-- float-- here is my coin









mind is money and money, mind
a penny for your poetry

self-poetic rant read
as well as rime

the day is thunderous

the rain, patternless
eternity's nothing without

me with without










equanimity is the provenance of fools, haiku.










to try to discern meaning--
when there is none

to call it god










a granularity of sand
the pearls of your eyes
see perfectly

but once or less









Sep 19, 2008


how does one know the truth
when truth is fire gone to ember
and ember gone to ash?

by going out to the woodpile
in the purity of fallen snow
to bring in wood dry as paper
to glance for a spell at stars
and feel by simple geometry
a far greater warmth of beauty
resplendent beyond the wisdom
of any mortal's hearth










Why not speak ill of the dead?
We are cowards--

Let us do what we do best.









Sep 17, 2008



thru the trees
quick as dream









Sep 16, 2008



f <3










  fuck love--









you're the guy who kills the guy who applauds
the guy who judges the guy who knows
the guy who helped
the guy who hated himself alone

you're the guy who loves the guy who defends
the guy who robbed the guy who warns
the guy who shat
the guy who did not do a thing

you're the guy who supports the guy who fails
the guy who despises
the guy who mourns the girl of stone

you're the guy who buries the guy who fathered
the guy who lost
the guy who rapes that girl and sings










ink pickles paper
paper alloys light
light murders god
god gods death
god gods death
death is not god
moon upon ichor
shine on










an anti-counterintuition

the idiot-savant-garde
as morosoph most sophomoric
sees no senior genius
à la wisdom parti pris









White-sided houses go to blue.
Leaves blacken. Winds swell.
Low clouds move against the moon.
I map Heaven to navigate Hell--

These blue houses polyp and shroom.
Yards yawn. Windows door north.
An apple gleaned makes a sordid tune.
We starve doom to chasten horror--

The loam houses script and cemetery.
Katydids die consumed. Dragons, too.
Whim mazes the mesh of capillary--

I am not homeless without reason.
Muses madden. Their eyes are blue.
Blood enough to drown the season.









Sep 14, 2008



passing clouds

                        falling leaves

            fill blue sky









Sep 9, 2008



  1. Are you too cowardly to kill yourself?
  2. When you masturbate, how often do you think of your father?
  3. Have you killed an animal accidentally, telling no one?
  4. Do you choose ease, over both beauty and truth?
  5. Think of the worst done to you; the worst you've done to another--
      which is worse?
  6. Do you fantasize about legitimately killing?
  7. When you pass an accident, do you hope to see the dead?
  8. Do you secretly enjoy when someone cries in anguish, over you?
  9. Have you masturbated using another's feces?
10. How many of your 'I love yous' are false?
11. When you lie, do you maintain the deception until caught?
12. Does envy equate to hate, for you?
13. Have you any dreams you have not compromised?
14. How much would it cost, to answer each of these honestly?
15. Do you believe you deserve Hell?
16. Have you broken hearts, uncaringly?
17. Do you consider faking a mental illness, a mental illness?
18. Do you pity anyone foolish enough to help you?
19. Were you ever beautiful, or simply naive?
20. Does genius sicken you, the more immediate it is to you?
21. Do you revel in the self-righteousness of your own banality--
      or vice-versa?









Sep 8, 2008



the bridge       mayflies hover
cross over       the wisconsin









Sep 7, 2008



one hour as

  spectral voices;
          the actionless reverb of sitting rooms
          key and cocoon wallpaper flame
  the crow flies;
          blind within the whiteness of cumulus
  ritchie blackmore;
          tokyo machinehead
          a ham sandwich reconsidered, or hammich
          circa 2006
  a well;
          lean over lip and succumb to vanity
          o turing test, o gom jobbar
  inner time gardens;
          vines ferocious vine voracious
          vines audacious vine contagious
  the air vibrations under a doorway;
          sigh in addendum
          ad infinitum
  the sky's painted red;
  aquatic space;
          the meniscus of heaven
          distills thinly enriched blood
          as slumber tides
          fray indigo to hell
  one absolute hour;
          to three swallows
          equals two nests
  bernel & hoffman;
          & bernman & hoffel
          & manel & bernhoff
          & hernen & boffmal
          & beffel & hornman
  something that didn't turn out
    the way i expected;
          her smile as she looked at me
          as she smiled looking behind me
          to blush, locking eyes
  works of sound;
          heard well will provide
          holidays of silence
          as summum bonum thought
          the first inch melts upon the body
          of ground but not the leaves
  a nomadic journey;
          four thousand footsteps
          half a footprint
  the narcoleptic;
          asleep on an exhale to wake
          on an inhale to sleep
          breath held
  as if it were passing in seconds;
  sixty million years;
          uncles, aunts--
          not even knowing the names
          of those met at this reunion
  a single transition;
          ambient sunlight
          falls upon still-life pears
          to lesser degree
  the voice of jike;
          swish-scraping rebar
          in a gutter stream
          early water belatedly right on time
          feet eyes thumbs ears lungs
          questions errors witticisms hungers
          phonecalls signatures loves
  an ear to the ground;
          an ear to the sky
  vibrations during the aircraft impacts on,
    and collapses of, the wtc buildings;
          whalesong as notochord
          coyote howl as skull
          bison herd as heart
  continuous modification;
  a dosimeter in kulim and tainan;
          triggers as bullets
          fused at a difference of gauge
          which is 1/6 the time it takes
          to save a hand once bone is scored
  the agitation of atoms;
          none die
  a plant;
          the coal goes in
          the smoke comes out
          cloud to cloud
          dry-heaving minor deities who careen
          as they scuttle the fucking inanity
          of sanity sans retrograde
  a rumpled sheet;
          gojira (the cat) beds (but sleeps?)
  the one who watches;
          behold the child
          sly and innocent as fire
          had fire mind
  the bell at hidden mountain;
          the mountain rings the bell
          the mountain rings the bell
          to listen for its clamour
          is to hear its knell
  the bumps of surfaces;
          the fluid touch of depth
          a linearality of finesse
          come shallow
  six more arguments in our favor;
          cunt cock asshole
          egg worm rock
  boulez is burning;
          the sky reclaims space
          no longer piano or willow
          or clock
  one side and other of the door;
          that this one locks-- 00:06
          that this one mocks-- 59:54
          work permutates
          by pollen and alleluia of frog
  a boarding pass;
          reread a dozen times
          and like any story
  index nodorum;
          phaeosphaeria, stagonospora, septoria
          a hectare lost in fog
          the lowest common denominator
          is an appliance
          of misapplied science--
          not enough light to read
          hemingway's blues
  glasgow to airsaig by train;
          mesmer bildung supra-bildung
  a back-to-front reality;
  a piece of green;
          devoured by two caterpillars
          themselves nectarine
          by what-is-not--
          natural law