Jul 31, 2010



a kinetic mimetic the city
in synthesis a thought
spore and asphalt moonlight

pitch as wood without moon--
nothing winds of nothing sound
as romance and murder move







Jul 28, 2010










Jul 23, 2010



trees shudder against the laptop screen saver off
finger smears upon a pool of plastic blue aloft

the halved and the halve-nots stagger munificence
the wind a toy








what does it do
whatever does not disagree

and it wor--
for free

no sir--

that's unsettled







Jul 22, 2010



your eyes are like skyscrapers
each rod

a well
Babylon miraged

and distilled
in the modicum

of light night upon night
all the heavens

a hole
above the earth







Jul 16, 2010



to eat your own tongue
is tasteless

what is there not to understand?






god shall cum
to you

and death
a little

pain so
focus upon

until loss







if andy wharhol had an iq of 86

i'm almost ok

with an iq of 68

almost ok

but if that genius

was a genius

then i'll forget

in this production

of oblivion

without a set


at the end


or what's








clear-white color


black as the mote
of wisdom

in the cold
of your blue-white

bled upon foolishness

at its heart:

we wake to go to sleep again
we wake to sleep







Jul 13, 2010



all this birth, after birth--
all this death, prior death--
as loves become loves, mind--
so sense mirages gravid ache.







Jul 10, 2010






































Jul 8, 2010













































Jul 1, 2010