Jun 13, 2010


beauty is a body--

we are libraries
we return to
having consumed too much hurt

looking for volumes
of health and safety--
'eat food'

and whatever that constitutes--
there are so few better books--
think it impersonal?

describe to me how that looks--

it's neat to find
a mind i like like my mind is
some of the time--

what is allowed is the nature of a book--
what other good if not thou--

an unopened book
so you might learn how to better look
than a book

left open--
a pain a page--
water and blood unbound as one--

'there is no cure'
sure; why not?
sometimes i think i understand myself

which would be funny were it not true
and funny were it true--
i try to--

this is where you surprise me, too







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Jun 2, 2010























Jun 1, 2010