Dec 31, 2008


may the wine you do not drink
contain poison. may your spawn
be more blessed than you.
may your death be accidental.

may you never hear the truth
within insult. may your shit
house flies. may the love
you do not know destroy you.

may silence be your only virtue.
may the years bore your soul.
may you never suffer guilt
for the ill you will have done.

may every wish be granted.
may you remain a fool.









in the heart, the battledrum
the elephant trot, the humpback waltz
the attic bat, the basement pump
the glitterblood, the moth falter
the errant suns that breach the snow
in the valleys of primal mountain
the owl psalm, the serpent swell
the true/false alarum, the field
with its bodies undetected, uncounted--
in the heart, imperfect weapons
of stone root, bone winds, water
accident, molt, chime and wisdom--
in the heart, eyes that steam
an unfinished moan of momentum









Dec 29, 2008


open teat
open sign
open play
open real
open gone
open blue
open stay
open stop
open bang
open boom
open damn
open time
open food
open door
open joke
open pill
open over
open shit open life
open hole open eyes
open hair open them
open dare open pull
open noun open rite
open true open holy
open lamb open worm
open frog open bird
open mole open cold
open maps open spit
open glom open kill
open step open hang
open dust open dirt
open damp open clay open hail
open lake open hell open soul
open sake open bake
open book open fall
open june open july open hour
open math open mile open stem
open bulb open pink
open glow open bank
open four open loop
open eyes open life
open tang open dead open case
open fork open link open oven
open nope open open
open verb open ping
open hold open west open east
open good open well open sink
open pray open yard
open tree
open claw
open haha
open nono open nose
open shoe open lust
open love
open teal
open hate open rice
open vein open draw
open ward
open word
open dram
open mark
open look open omni
open mega open poly
open grab
open spot
open they open scum
open soap open quit
open fate
open harm
open barn
open lore open pyre
open trim open more
open piss open puss open less
open said open weed open seed
open shot open vile
open exit
open high
open root
open sigh
open bead
open beak
open meek open roar
open huge open care
open calm
open rage open swim
open sage open safe
open hill open bond
open tone open song
open yell
open void open full
open make open trap
open cage open none
open lull open drab
open deem
open rust open like
open nike open coke
open mash
open mush
open lush
open push
open ship
open hurl open scat
open crib
open jazz
open jizz
open pool
open till open bout
open mine open roof open wall
open help open hurt open pain
open grow open howl
open what open wait
open rest open nest
open bush open keep
open mask open husk
open show open stag
open tell
open boar
open monk
open fire
open fail
open sell
open lank
open blow
open veil
open tail
open murk
open flag
open free open boil
open reed open dial
open moon open mars
open eros open skin
open mood open rain
open snow open stop
open salt open fish
open hook open nail open fang
open wasp open fear open limn
open taxi open seem
open quip open dime
open near open junk
open rake open make
open cafe open nile
open rile open flow
open loam open colt
open welp open baby
open yolk open vert
open mire open mare
open list open most
open from open foam
open true open girl
open flay open gush
open wood open lick
open kiss open suck
open show open lime
open peru open coin
open soft open hard
open fool open wise
open side open wide
open goat
open clam
open lose
open tool
open slam
open year open date
open plum open milk
open bowl
open star
open late
open noon
open twin
open drag
open pine
open belt
open hart
open kilt
open jolt
open tire open wire
open wear open sway
open womb open loom
open mule
open gyro
open dumb
open skin
open scar
open mink open wink
open zest open helm
open mill
open fill
open here
open molt
open face
open left open burn
open rand open rife
open will
open rock
open cock
open ball
open knot
open slit
open slut open liar
open slay open fern
open very
open airy open lord
open gold open sand
open sail open lisp
open line
open fact
open neck
open heft open tact
open poke
open vote open clit
open home open note
open grub
open wish open wail
open fang open wile
open game
open fold open turn
open card
open toke open rift
open manx

open mind
open teat









Dec 28, 2008


the strangest thing--
i woke one night to a rain so slight
it rose as much as fell
and hissed upon my clothes
of fern and philosophy--
i wandered in that half-moon light
thru a wood itself a river
and an unfinished cemetery
innocent and pristine--
the strangest thing--
to find you with pale wings rent
and soft mouth clever
as your name bore the form
of everything--









Dec 27, 2008


As the source will not be returned to,
and the true ending never met--
As this day hews and heals like water,
and moment cast is buried stone--
As the hired gods take no notice,
and every lesser creature ravels soul--

My eyes weft clouds which dress you
as breath about your bones.









Dec 25, 2008


In the simple interest
of honest coherency,
the fact of my love
tangles as hair
drawn and drowned
in tar--
And your eyes
the wash of turpentine, of gasoline--
And your thought
the sawing shears, the scalpel's wake--
And your fingers
crimson angels amid wet-black trees--
And your own love
an indigo flame, a heavy steam.









In the vast expanse
and expansion
of the grand and valid world,
amid the collectives
and colonies
of detritus and growth,
exist pearls of serendipity
and decadence
worthy of intimation,
tho I know that I know too few
of these vague
and vagrant pieces that adhere
as armour
to fall as youth.









Dec 24, 2008


At peace with the fever, you sit
at the window until the world grows semi-transparent
with lividity-- You wish for falling stars
as darkness claims the slowed trees
to then feed you that mirage of yourself in the pane--
What does this mean--

Gods and goddesses do not move from point A.
What is not vanity, is grace.









Dec 22, 2008


On the stone with the Raphael cherub,
a robin sits and I smoke in sunlight,
windchill at ten below, four days shy
of Xmas, the ground yet without snow--

O. I know my life is wasted; that this
is proof I've sold my soul to beauty,
and she, as truth, is cold-- but that,
as I fold the left side of my jacket

over the right and exhale a glinting
smoke, is merely a context grown ripe
to know-- what fruit in its wet fire
will not rot, even if frozen? My love

is dry and slow; my thought is soft
and bold; my heart clamors unheard--
Here are my eyes, little bird: coal.
Here too, my immortal throat: dirt.









Dec 19, 2008


When I flew on my first airplane
all leather interior and many rooms,
at the allowance of the Prince,
I nervously did not know what to ask,
or how, I suppose, to even sit--
When his primary lawyer, a sallow-
skinned blend of Gere, Hoffman
and Walken, insinuated that "white
trash doesn't burn bright enough
by half" I only took silent note,
watching the Prince, and knew then
I'd kill them both, lawyer first,
and with neither blessing nor curse--
that bodies sprawling fall to sea.









Dec 18, 2008



should i really beg you, look at me?

look at me, to see my mouth
and look at me, to know my eyes--
they are what i place upon you
and by you, they become wise.









Dec 17, 2008


This poem is minimally
an animal poem--
six darts
skim tesselations
to fall-flow
from trees to houses--

This poem is abruptly
a depiction of in-
accuracy and corruption--
six birds
in your mind become
your heart--

This poem is brutal
as the war
of winter forms
six coals fly
dark flags of warmth--

This poem is violent
with misdirection--









Dec 16, 2008



Dear Poem--

You are retarded.
Dear Critic--

So are you.
Dear Reader--

I am forbid to say
what you are--

Et tu?









Dec 10, 2008

s wit
hin t
he wo
mb a
ng se r
ed-tr ut
ee as aba
much ga
leaf rut
upon aba
leaf ga
as ro por
ot tw cin
ining i s
leav qua
es an sh
anen bez
ome o you see you el
f thr either wri bev
ee-di te the cyni el
mensi c the one w fry
onal ho does not --
greed live in fa
stom lse light t
ach-c he failure
enter and the suc
ed an cess at war
d ste and you fe
eped ed them swe
in pu etmeats or
tresc else you do
ent r nothing at
oyal all and kn
green ow yourself
-- as what th
ey despise
an incarnat
e lie--









Dec 9, 2008


Walk on down
to Union
Side, this side
of Union
Way, to witness--

The Declarations of the Fellowship of Noise
Silent Alarms
The Muffled Screams of Haunted Children

--there's a cover
which you
will not afford
but it's not like
actually pays.









Dec 8, 2008


I'd love to talk of great beginnings
but every hard seed bitter countered
by an egg and what is not pulp
if not brought to rot may burn
til all is frozen What grand upheaval
do you foresee-- intellect but a frame
of river without ocean emotion
flawless with calm uncertainty

So of what do I speak with love--
names of shadows reactive fuses
of flesh and thought upon delusions
of saliency What do I know to voice
but that design will end as is
no matter paradigm-- look at me




















Bland as natural stupidity seasoned with learned ignorance,
she is; as clueless an amnesiac upon those old tropes of dark,
deserted winter roads as will ever; as a being of pale virtue,
her eyes spark bright with enlightened cruelties; as my love

I do not bleed to death-- her talons, yet to leave my heart;
she is not cursed-- my birth-voice, fallen-torn in her throat;
in sinuate echo, we complect-- marrow dreamt, is warmth.









Dec 7, 2008


Would like
your body lit by a single candle flame.
Rain frozen upon the window.
Electricity out.
Would like the shy willow of your hair
to reach up just that once,
high as it would go, to then flower.
Birds, I guess. Song.

Odds are,
it is only your heart which starves.
May the light that captures you--
O, only the thought
of the light that will be lost
is lost.









Dec 6, 2008


killed my sister. She was zoned-out
near the end of the new line to the--

transmigrated. It happened on the day
of the Grand Penultimatum, when black--

laughter like wind. The cards went thru
and delphinium was the only scent you--

played incorrigibly. The exasperation
for half a muse, which, graciously, no--

drizzled the plant. Which surprised
the envoy, and she was unable to dis--

was the weather. Scales were the glass
of the towers as if each were a drag--

blistered truthfully. Metaphorically,
we slept but spiritually, wasted into--










What depth, sayeth Death,
that I do not reach--
What skin of thought
do I refuse as form--
Well, here you are,
and for that--

Alone, you dream.










steam-open she'll
shell love steam open,









no, dumbass-- it's all solid discussion;
you just want everyone subdued
with a certain uniformity of flair,
as your only job
is to self-congratulate,
giving the passing bland appearance
that you work for and toward
anyone else's good--

no dissenting opinion where you play,
but your own wankery's ok--
zombie nazi cheerleader, anyone?
(now there's a sick cliche
that exists
with very true reason.)









Dec 5, 2008


the river of writing
with its banks of birds
and fish of memory

disintegrates into air
and only as rain
falls into the sea

throw down your oars
no anchor here
need drop

desert ourselves
to the muck
of swamp









what was the sinking
i was thinking of
when i was sinking
into the sea
what was i doing when
i was drowning love
and love was dawning
over me

burning toast
drunk on whiskey
fat on roast
writing letters
from a noose
or no-- that's thee









Dec 4, 2008



browsing animals
at the root of the root
of decay,

and then they browse away










holding hand to the wind
the wind

takes it away









Vectorise everyone--

The ceiling fan clocking
o' clock.

Fear is a mousehole.
Fear is a mouse.

Without house.
Nose and tail and mouth.

Scorpion claw of the scorpion.
Claw of the cat afoot.

What is my failure and where is my grief?
Yes, of course it's incomplete.

Machinery of ragged claw
as scenery.

Every articulation, brief.
A man of God is an idol

and an acolyte at sophistry.
Like Christ, I am some other.

Like anyone.
What do I believe?

There are things I will not dare.
And it is rare that they are there.

Give me religions that are their own Christs.
The sentiments of lice.

Black inharmonics. The cold of noise.
I will make well. I will level.

I will balance out.










What is inauthentic
at heart?

My heart.









We used the same language
to call for the end
to the call for the death
of Baktiri Africa.

They possessed the press
of massage and muscle
sausaged by conglomerate
giving us the wit

But when the Incident
conjoined the subtle horror
of parallel worlds

Loss of light and mind
became mundane-- We accept
no reward but grace.









Dec 3, 2008


Plant a cake
  in the scream of lost warhorses.
Cull gut-spells
  of madness from the slowest dogs.
Rake old maps
  of iron bumblebee and blue spices.
Drive down hawks
  with their names for winter thaw.

Lake monument
  of firewire sepulchre and gloss.
Cure arrows
  with starcore philosophy and moss.
Lathe skull
  til light in its cast is caught.