Nov 26, 2011




2 is 2
and 2 is 2
and 5 is








ego is the only god
the size of ego
we can focus ourselves upon anything
what does this prove?







Nov 25, 2011









Nov 21, 2011



synapse synapse synopsis










Nov 20, 2011




Made of night as much as fire, she rises
and sighs. Lightly teases her dress
undistracted. To drown in her, a slice

of scripted departure. She turns and texts
an lol. Her innermost scent is plum. The moon
a great cat of an old lover. And as she

walking stares with eyes which see waves
tatter as wind and web and mind, she casts
a kiss, bites her lip and demurely proffers--

Error shines the blur that blinds the sure.
You do not care. Hereafter is disaster.







Nov 17, 2011









Nov 16, 2011










what is art?
everything that it is not

and not again
in a way to focus your
in a way not done before







Nov 15, 2011









Nov 14, 2011









Nov 11, 2011