Apr 18, 2010


the new yorker
april 19, 2010

the journey of a star captured in a flash
working together for a healthier world
coming soon
the more you stay the more you earn
now playing
one seems to assume a more hands-on role
a smarter business needs smarter thinking
but this is jerusalem
this would just be a tree
nearly all of them still-lifes
are you sure
(on-site and off)
game-changing low-cost
your time zone
america's sexual libertinism
the lawyers the journalists and above all
the yachts of seabourn
a glass of red wine
hit the highlights
partially covered in snow
a non-stop show
the polar bear has the same colour
they had killed a seal
complete opposite to the reality
it will be a small town
ask a chinese person with options
hey dude you're winning
best coverage worldwide
computer-based language learning
of course the golden age
special advertising section
to someone called ismail
forty-five degree angle
we raced out of town on empty roads
a particle of dust
kicked ass
a psychic stockbroker
metaphysical quality to the
large cargo
business opportunity
until it floated just below the surface
watermelon patches
other families have similar issues
better instincts than most
dog's dirt holes
feather-strewn banquet
swim at home
dumbly gesticulating
was an authentic expression of aggression
25 west forty-fifth street
the word has something alimentary in common
why not you
honest to christ
1-year full-time mba
aching "vajayjay"
create the good
modern oboe
brilliant upper-class beauty
you've been upgraded