Feb 12, 2010



fuck god
and i mean that in the deepest way possible
fuck god raw
fuck god stinging as the maggots at the eyes of the starving
and the maggots starved
fuck god lost as that sweet ass in the wilderness
made mad and screaming with the wolves closed in
fuck god in the same way the stars do not align
fuck god incalculably
fuck god with the roar of burning houses built of love
fuck god with truth singing like a trebled arrow
fuck god that loneliness of eternity we do not surpass
fuck god a well that smells of piss and kerosene
and vomit and antibiotics and rot and blood and steam
and money and deceit
fuck god the daffodil and the bluebell and the late frost
and the early snow
fuck god silence
fuck god lyric and fuck god song
fuck god the crumbling mountains and fuck god
the drying seas and fuck god the pittance
of climax one can not forfend against
fuck god oh fuck god whole
fuck god the sentiment and the pity and the strength
mistaken for wisdom to withhold and withstand
fuck god the artist leaving everything unsigned
fuck god the suicide
but most of all
fuck god the fame of perpetual anonymity
and fuck god this heart that thrives
upon malcontent and green eyes.