Jul 29, 2009


12-18 people
understand the theory of
relativity; 12-18
people understand
and profess proficiency
enough to play
the rach 3; that's silly--
if parallels between
the two exist, if any
of the twelve to
eighteen can do both,
i'd like to sit, dreaming
as i heard such things
explained; no, really--

let me say that again
another way: everything
exists self-consciously
alone; the arrowroot
cold, yes, and the lock-
spur; the finest map
of water known; entang-
lements of quiddity; yes,
well, so?-- so this: reap-
prehension of the mean
in flame; some minds
burn clean and all sense
the breadth and depth
and innocence of reach.

unutterable precision
would not be a gift;
men are lost, and what
is man?-- within the same
realm as selachii, auroras
and infinite imaginings
as much as the moon
light dusts even the rocks
without moss; metaphorically:
here is a boat, and a boat
is not man; islands where
display is effective; bedrock
again sand-- that animal
which waves knowing it does--

proof exists in perpetual
application-- what is string
that can not be tied; what warmth
that does not fall; the time
is the tone of what there is
to be felt; all of hope an ocean
without home; love as intricate
as starlight which has no fear--
there is no god but blue above
a tree that is leaves upon leaves
against sky; these hemispheres
of laughter hum before they hit
to again sing-- my voice
is of the indelibility of everything.