Jan 20, 2009


A is for Ambercorn
which feeds a race of angels
blind in a rain of light

B is for Beauty unbearable
broken into waters
these poplar take as wine

C is for Cassiopeia fallen
upon ephemeralities of mountain
each December hour

D is for Death divine

E is for Everything elsewhen--
a dataplex of futures
that then sinks beyond ken

F is for Fucking falsehood
which fills the caverns
of soul with somber stain

G is for Goodness uncertain
as a meal to a fly
upon wallpaper bouquet

H is for Holy human Hell

I is for I
which is idiocy in the context
of genius come as ocean bird

J is for Joy
the yell of stone in a well
a cat sigh, an impulse of flame

K is for Kings sensuous
and fat from Alberquerque
to Nepal

L is for Love of love

M is for Masquerade
of the fertile enmity (of the suns)
of butterfly and mind

N is for Nowt
notoriously untrue--
here is my foot

O is for Orgasm
more a shiver of contemplation
upon the taste of orange

P is for Pulchritude as etude

Q is for Quintessential
of which nothing is but contour
of disintegrating wave

R is for Resonance of rain
upon a snow iced upon a tarp
drawn over elm

S is for Sainthood
accidental and itself a curse
of little form

T is for Toward what I move

U is for Umber brushstrokes
of a memetic art
in a failure to seduce

V is for Volume voiced
in a marriage of whisper
pivoted upon coal

W is for White
which wisdom will never be--
it is nuclear blue

X is for Xero sufferance

Y is for You as mine

Z is for Zambercorn
which feeds a species of sorrow
sighted in a flood of night