Dec 4, 2008


Vectorise everyone--

The ceiling fan clocking
o' clock.

Fear is a mousehole.
Fear is a mouse.

Without house.
Nose and tail and mouth.

Scorpion claw of the scorpion.
Claw of the cat afoot.

What is my failure and where is my grief?
Yes, of course it's incomplete.

Machinery of ragged claw
as scenery.

Every articulation, brief.
A man of God is an idol

and an acolyte at sophistry.
Like Christ, I am some other.

Like anyone.
What do I believe?

There are things I will not dare.
And it is rare that they are there.

Give me religions that are their own Christs.
The sentiments of lice.

Black inharmonics. The cold of noise.
I will make well. I will level.

I will balance out.