Nov 22, 2008


So we've been emailing, the twenty-plus of us--
half of whom whose identities I'm sure you'd guess
for not being on your side, and half the rest,
whom with a little thought, you shouldn't be surprised
to see enjoying your schadenfreude-- (of course,
there are the staff members who simply wait for you
to go down, that they can takeover and perform
a more than inadequate job)-- and since I've gone
pariah, now untouchable, I'm free to obliquely state
exactly what it is most believe, the obvious being--
you and he are lovers (this gets about even odds)--
now, there are permutations to this (sidebets made
not yet lost)-- does your husband know (or partake)--
has the cock-belch scuzz-eyed crookback hobbit-
tard in question suffered an accident, scrambling
shit for brains, bringing senility decades too soon--
(or is a mentality like that purely congenital)--
are you over-protective, so unashamedly biased,
because the slimeball of churl is family, or lover
(or both)-- but really (and tho this gets long odds,
it is my bet, and will be placed) is that soulless
self-lobotomised hypocritical one-trick phoney
(whose closest approach to personal artistic
creativity is the perpetual whoring of 'eucalypt')
blackmailing you? Be honest now. We dare you to.