Nov 30, 2008

1000 Fragments

Something has changed--
blue, bittersweet
snow-- seamless
tangles of moonlight,
maple and oak--
footprints as puddles
of air-- a grand
abstention of cricket,
moth and overall
hum-- that second
shot, aftershock
and echo of that first,
held within that first--
o, copper bullet,
amber slug, tequila--
morphine-- cum--
angelhairs of spine
up, on end-- electric
rebirth of mind's
plasticity into plasmal,
dianoetic grace--

Put the motherfuckers
gainst old walls--
moonlight glints
upon embedded lead
just fine-- fragments
of trees litter
the scatter of bone--
create what else
you would know
as you go-- these o,
so fair worlds do
likewise-- cathedrals
of refrigerators--
what can be thought
dresses man-- all one
wears is metaphor
for soul-- a railgun
under floorboards--
a violet's broken stem
of palest greed--

But the mourning dove
a ballet of serenade
and scream-- a bed
of forgotten, ergo
forgettable, com-
motion-- cigarettes
in a liquidity
of dream-- a chill
three degrees--
thumbnail to e4--
o, the hail too,
wicked with purity