Sep 28, 2008


layers of trumpets call the hounds; the number readers
close themselves to snowfall and summit; she swims
with the horizon; let us see if she drowns--

posit: everything is holy; therefore, equal; therefore,
meaningless; therefore, allowed; therefore, more
matter of taste desultory at its level of ignorance--

posit: creativity requires more than juxtaposition
of prelearned symbol; more than the dishonest tripe
of sentiment blindly echoed; more than an idiot's
recognition of attempt; more than morosophistry--

posit: whatever kills you, is truth; what poisons,
names itself as enemy of self; what sings of rapture,
best pierce thy cold fish heart as talon of raptor--
o, numberless; we with her, drown; o, trumpets call.